EEN can help exploit Single Market benefits

24 August 2017

The Maltese industry seems also to be fully exploiting the benefits from the Single Market as the percentage of SMEs with intra-EU imports and exports is also lower than the EU average.  With regards to opportunities related to Horizon 2020, Malta still scores low in percentages related to collaborating with others and participating in EU funded research. The same applies to the energy efficiency related matters. Malta scores low with regards to SMEs benefitting from public support measures for their resource-efficiency actions, SMEs that offer green products or services, and SMEs with a turnover share of more than 50% generated by green products and services. 

Consequentially, through EEN the local Consortium aims to address the above needs and constraints through a series of value added advice and support activities for SMEs, mainly targeting innovation, technology transfer, access to finance, European Funding programmes, internationalisation and access to markets, enhancement of management capacities, and cooperation with clusters. Furthermore, in line with the Commission’s commitment to mainstream climate-related actions in EU programmes, Malta EEN Consortium through the Network shall also address energy efficiency, climate and environmental issues, with the objective of assisting SMEs adapt to low-carbon, climate-resilient and energy and resource efficient business models.

We know that there exist a number of constraints that businesses face – particularly when it comes to financing, lack of technical and business development resources, cost, economies of scale and scope.

This is why the EEN service is relevant to our local business needs. So, what can we offer?

capacity building

technical knowhow


knowledge, skills and competences

exposure to key stakeholders in Malta geared to assist SMEs

exposure to a European database of enterprises

The Malta EEN Consortium works hand in hand with local businesses to help them set up, expand, innovate and access global markets; thus sustaining economic growth and retaining and increasing employment. All the services that shall be provided by the Network in Malta shall be seamlessly integrated within the organisation, avoiding duplication of activities. As a result, all SMEs are entitled to turn to the Network for assistance.

Given Europe’s regional and geographical needs, the Network primarily targets companies with high potential for internationalisation and/or innovation. The ultimate objective is to assist SMEs with high ambitions and a potential to grow, innovate, and engage in business and technology partnering activities. Such SMEs will also be assisted to exploit new opportunities within the Single market and other third countries.

The Network tailors its activities to sectors that are particularly important to the Maltese islands such as Aviation, ICT, Digital Gaming, Life Sciences, Education, Maritime, Logistics, and Advanced Manufacturing.  The Network also organises activities in relation to cluster activities, collaborating with public authorities, higher education institutes, business associations and public enterprises wherever necessary in order to increase the value of the EEN service and expand its reach.