EEN Malta Highlights: A Year in Review

1 January 2017

By the close of 2016, the local EEN consortia had provided 180 local companies with individual advisory support, organised a total of 41 brokerage events and company missions for companies in the ICT, Tourism, Food and Drink, Design, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors. EEN Malta has also offered local businesses representation on European policy on issues pertaining to Improvements to the Double Taxation Mechanisms; new Directives and proposed amendments to Public Procurement legislation; Limiting the Use of Cash in the wake of the Fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive; EC Regulation No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims; the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA); the Impact of the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), the European Commission Action Plan for Fair and Efficient Corporate Taxation in the EU, the Single Member Company dossier (SUP) and Geo-Blocking.

Another highlight for EEN Malta in 2016 were the 6 cross border business partnerships that have since been established.


In a concerted effort to help local SMEs take operations to a higher level, EEN Malta has:

Organised 12 successful events

Produced 6 successful cross-border partnerships

Provided Individual Advisory Support to 98 clients

Organised 24 company missions and brokerage events

Informed the local business community on the potential on the potential impact European Commission legislative proposals and initiatives could have on their businesses. As a result the feedback concerns and opinions of 713 Maltese businesses was channelled directly to the European Commission.

Provided 19 companies with advisory services that have led to an improvement in their economic situation

Provided 31 Tender and EU Funding Alerting Services to local businesses