Enterprise Europe Network helped 76 Maltese companies in the last 3 years

4 January 2019

One in every eight business participants who took part in B2B events organised by the Malta Consortium within the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) managed to grow their business internationally. This emerged from impact statistics published by the Malta Consortium within the Network.

Over these years, 2,500 Malta based business representatives participated in 50 seminars organised by the EEN locally, contributing 970 policy recommendation as direct feedback to the EU Commission.

The Consortium was also well positioned to provide 300 advisory services to Malta based entrepreneurs and replied to more than 500 general enquiries. The major part of the advisory services consisted of individual client support towards tapping EU funding, innovation business practices and access to international procurement.

Reacting to the results, a spokesperson for the Malta Consortium said: “We are satisfied with the outcome of our work which generated a very positive reputation for the Network locally. We constantly push ourselves to turn activity results into outcomes which generate a positive impact on clients' businesses because ultimately that is the purpose of our work”.

Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for SMEs with international ambitions. The Network is spread over 60 countries, bringing together 3,000 business experts from over 600 member organisations renowned for their excellence in business support.

Last year, in global terms, Network clients reached 2,507 agreements with foreign companies thanks to partnering services, while advisory support services gave 1,534 clients a significant impetus to improve their competitiveness and innovation at European level.

The Malta consortium within the Network is composed of Malta Enterprise; The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry; Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST).