EUREKA Clusters Artificial Intelligence Call

3 April 2020

Maltese companies interested in collaborative research, development and innovation projects in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and seeking funding support, are invited to consider  and present their proposals by the 15 June 2020.

Initiated by European industry, are long-term and strategic initiatives that help develop technologies of key importance for European competitiveness using a “bottom-up” industry-driven approach. The EUREKA Clusters CELTIC-NEXT, EURIPIDES²-PENTA, EUROGIA, and ITEA3, have perceived a common cross domain interest in developing, adapting and utilising emerging Artificial Intelligence within and across their focus areas. These Clusters, together with a number of EUREKA Public Authorities, are now launching a Call for innovative projects in the AI domain.

The international consortium should include at least two (for profit) independent companies from two of the participating countries. Research institutes and universities may join in subject to each country’s funding regulations. A forms part of the call website to facilitate a Project Idea and Partner search.

The applied research and innovation project proposals should not exceed 36 months in duration and be relevant to the field of Artificial Intelligence with a non-exclusive list of possible application areas for this Call provided below:

  • AI for Agriculture
  • AI for a Circular Economy
  • AI for Climate Response
  • AI for Cybersecurity
  • AI for eHealth
  • AI for Electronic Components and Systems
  • AI for ICT and applications
  • AI for Industry 4.0
  • AI for Low Carbon Energy
  • AI for Transport & Smart Mobility
  • AI for Safety
  • AI for Smart Cities
  • AI for Software Innovation
  • AI for Smart Engineering 
  • ….… and many more.

Further call details may be found .

For more information, please contact Malta Enterprise on