EUREKA Multilateral Call on Healthy Ageing

29 April 2020

helps the creation of new products and revenue streams through collaborative applied research and innovation projects. Companies seeking funding support are invited to participate in with proposals to be submitted by 5 August 2020.

Maltese companies are invited to submit applied research and innovation project proposals, specifically development of digital health tools and smart devices to promote healthy ageing. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • connecting robotics and medical imaging systems to simplify surgical procedures
  • software as a medical device (or diagnostic) incorporating artificial intelligence
  • software for better diagnostics or therapy 
  • digital health and smart drug delivery services
  • linking big data capabilities with new knowledge from precision medicine to create precision health offerings that promotes preventive interventions before symptoms of disease manifest.

The international consortium should include at least two (for profit) independent companies from two of the participating countries. Research institutes and universities may join in subject to each country’s funding regulations.  Interested parties are invited to use  for project idea and partner search.

The applied research and innovation project proposals should not exceed 36 months in duration and be relevant to development of digital health tools and smart devices to promote healthy ageing.

Maltese participants may get in such projects and are to direct their queries to