FET Proactive Calls Now Open

30 March 2020

The European Commission has today opened for submission the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive topics '' and the '' with 4 sub-topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence for extended social interaction
  • Breakthrough zero-emissions energy storage and conversion technologies for carbon-neutrality
  • Digital twins for the life-sciences
  • Measuring the unmeasurable – Sub-nanoscale science for Nanometrology

The deadline for submission is 2nd July 2020.

FET actions are expected to initiate radically new lines of technology through unexplored collaborations between advanced multidisciplinary science and cutting-edge engineering. It will help Europe grasp leadership early on in those promising future technology areas able to renew the basis for future European competitiveness and growth, and that can make a difference for society in the decades to come.

FET actions are categorised under three complementary lines of action to address different methodologies and scales, from new ideas to long-term challenges:

Kindly note that FET Proactive and FET Open are now part of the European Innovation Council- EIC pathfinder. The updated work programme can be found .

The recordings of the Info day webinar will be soon uploaded on the

For more information and assistance, kindly send email to lili.vasileva@gov.mt