IoT4Industry: new call for financial support to SMEs

17 April 2019

The H2020-INNOSUP-1 project IoT4Industry just published its second and last call for financial support to third parties.

IoT4Industry is a 30 months project, with a budget of 4.96 M €, funded by the H2020-INNOSUP-1 action of the European Commission. This project seeks to support EU growth and competitiveness through the development of a new cross-sectoral industrial value chain based on the integration and use of IoT and related components (sensors, chips, electronics component, communication networks, cloud computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, digital security, etc.) into manufacturing tools, machines and robots, industrial processes, factories environment, supply chain integration, intra  logistics & logistics 4.0 product life cycle, smart packaging, etc. It will achieve this goal through the cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors of the ICT and advanced manufacturing sectors.
On 1st April the project published its second call to financially support innovative projects, led by SMEs, that will focus on the application of IoT technologies in the manufacturing environment. More specifically, it will finance, through vouchers, small and market-oriented projects involving SMEs, consisting of the integration and the use of IoT technologies (including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Security) into machines, robots, manufacturing tools, industrial processes, and factories environments.
The call asks for projects which shall gather at least one entity representing the “IoT” side (technology offer) AND another entity representing the industry side (demand) which could be a machine or tool manufacturer or a factory. At least one of these entities shall be a European SME.
The budget of this second call is 1,515,800 EUR with a maximum funding per project of 120,000 EUR (with a limit of 60,000 EUR per individual SME).
The deadline is 11 June 2019.
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