Maltese businesses feature prominently in Enterprise Europe Network UK event

3 July 2018

Over 180 business participants from 21 EU and non-EU countries met together in Liverpool during a B2B event organized by Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business network in the world. 

With a dozen business representatives from healthcare, creative industries, real estate and blockchain, Malta features prominently in the event being the 3rd most represented European country, after UK and Ireland. 

The brokerage event brought together SMEs across Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence start-ups, Creative Industries, Manufacturing, Education, Property related services and Tourism; all competing to be more efficient or innovative by promoting their latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality and how these could be applied in different sectors.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, which forms part of the Enterprise Europe Network Maltese consortium, was event co-organiser with  Enterprise Europe Network North West UK in collaboration with Innovate UK.      

Collectively, the Maltese companies had 50 pre-scheduled B2B meetings over two days, including sessions which took place  during the ‘International Health & Life Sciences Day’ addressing the development of diagnostics, treatment and management to tackle future health challenges and ‘Creative Industries Day’ in which UK-based companies featured their innovative IT applications to enhance digital transformation of enterprises. 

The B2B event was an integral part of The International Business Festival () which is endorsed by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and has a successful legacy of three years.  The festival is a showcase of ready-to-use solutions in Digital Transformation in the form of an international marketplace, festival incubator, TED style talks from leading business minds, an innovation hub and brokered business meetings; all spread over nine days, between 12th June and today.

Thousands of industry professionals in the last days visited the festival and participated in 55 major events led by 200 world-class influential speakers.

Amongst the speakers featured yesterday there was James Catania , Maltese IT pioneer, who follows a career in software, cryptography, defense, robotics and education.  James Catania holds two Masters Degrees, one in management of information systems and another in computer science. 

The event shacked up participant business buyers to access new markets, grow, develop, innovate and network within a digital reality which brings with it many societal, work-related, industry-specific and technological changes.