Support measures to assist Maltese businesses

27 March 2020

The continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) both domestically and internationally, is causing significant impacts on supply chains, business continuity and cash-flow for businesses like yours.  The nature of these impacts will change and it is very probable that they will increase over the coming weeks if not months.

Please be reassured that, as EEN Malta, we remain accessible and close to you to support and advise as necessary.  All the four entities [, , and ] have important business continuity measures in place and are continuing to operate to offer you this support.

If you have any concerns or potential challenges around your financial position, particularly cash-flow issues, we recommend you speak with your investors and your bank.  You can avail yourself from specific support for affected businesses being offered by the banks, some of which is underpinned by the Government.

We strongly recommend that employers, self-employed persons and entrepreneurs follow website to remain abreast of the support given. 

The European Commission is also taking a large number of initiatives in a wide number of areas in order to combat and tackle the effects of coronavirus crisis. Find out more .

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