Our Services

Through the Maltese Consortium within the Enterprise Europe Network, all SMEs receive information and a personalised service tailored to their needs.  The services we offer helps ambitious companies to make the best use of modern technologies in a more digitised economy we are living in today.

Assisting companies in going international:

  • We help developing exchanges between enterprises, trigger new ideas, nurture potential partnerships and stimulate firms to develop beyond their initial horizons. One-to-one match making meetings will be organized to help identify trustworthy partners.

Mentor companies with new products to grasp opportunities in the single market:

  • We help small businesses with technical issues such as intellectual property rights, standards and EU legislation, as it can be difficult for companies to remain abreast of changes in EU related opportunities.

Promote innovation of companies to scale up:

  • We encourage and hand-hold SMEs to become more innovative as sharing the results of research can trigger new ideas/opportunities.
  • We assist companies to collaborate within clusters on different innovation related activities which eventually lead to a wider access of innovative technology, helping them face global competition more effectively.

Help companies to come up with EU projects and access funding:

  • Tapping different sources of EU financing and ensuring that companies are aware of the possibilities available is one of our primary aims.
  • We dedicate a specific focus for SMEs which are willing to participate in research programmes.

Provide feedback to the Commission reflecting business requirements:

  • We act as a two-way street between entrepreneurs and the Commission, relaying views in both directions to ensure that the policies and initiatives the Commission prepares will be helpful for SMEs on the ground and do not mean additional administrative burden.

The Enterprise Europe Network is part of the Commission's integrated policy for promoting entrepreneurship and growth of enterprises in Europe. It supports SMEs from all sectors to take greater advantage of the opportunities of the Single Market.